Gelli - #201 Chrome Pigment Powder

How to use:

  1. Be creative and apply desired base gel color and cure (~60 seconds). Repeat 
    2. Apply Gelli Krome It Top Geland cure for ~20 seconds under and LED (depending on your lamp) leaving surface slightly tacky
    ** This step is key. If it's too wet the finish won't be shiny and if it's too dry the pigment powder won't stick. Adjust accordingly to your equipment **
    3. Apply Gelli Special Effects Pigment Powderof your choice by rubbing pigments in with our Krome It applicator or an eye shadow sponge applicator. 
    4. Gently brush off excess (if any pigments remain you will see specks)
    5. Apply Gelli Krome It Top Gel and cure for 60 seconds



**It is highly recommended to use a non-cleanse gel top coat with this product. We have DND brand non-cleanse gel top in our store.**


$ 14.99

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