Apres Extend Gel Gold Edition 30 ml (LARGER SIZE)

$ 38.99

Extend Gel in a jar now comes in a 30ml larger  gold bottle to provide you with easier and faster Gel-X application! Aprés Extend Gel is specially formulated to adhere with our Gel-X tips and create a strong bond that ensures no lifting or popping off. Since Extend Gel is a soft gel formula, it can be easily soaked off in acetone, just like gel polish!

How to use: After doing a basic gel manicure prep on the natural nail, apply a light layer of Extend Gel to the natural nail and cure in an LED light for 30 seconds. Then apply your Extend Gel to the inside of your Gel-X tip, and apply it to your natural nail at a 45 degree angle, while slowly letting the Extend Gel flow to the tip of the natural nail.

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