Apres Gel X Extension Ombre Kit (2024 Kit)

$ 89.99

Aprés Ombré Gel-X system is a new innovative method in creating the timeless classic of an ombré nail. Developed with our patented signature soft gel and infused with a white pigment, Ombré Gel-X offers a beautiful gradient from clear to opaque white. This means our Ombré Gel-X Tip won’t chip or scratch! Paired with our sheer neutral Gel Couleurs, creating ombré nails has never been easier or more flawless. Ombré Gel-X Kit has everything necessary to completely revolutionize your ombré service.
No tips included in this purchase. Tips sold separately. 
In the kit:
  • 15ml pH Bonder
  • 15ml Acid Free Gel Primer
  • 15ml Gel-X Prep
  • 15ml Extend Gel
  • 15ml Gel Couleur - Vintage Carnation
  • 100/180 nail file
  • Mini buffer
  • Omni Light
  • White vegan patent leather case


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